Mistra Arctic Futures Final Report released

28 August, 2014

The Arctic is changing rapidly, and has become a focal point in geopolitics. Sweden, one of eight Arctic states, needs to increase its knowledge base to support political decision-making that acknowledges political, strategic and environmental issues. From a global perspective, we must work towards Arctic change that is politically, economically, socially, and environmentally viable. Today, … Read more

Applying game theory insights to Arctic challenges

11 August, 2014

Scott Cole, Sergei Izmalkov and Eric Sj√∂berg published an article based on their work in the Mistra Arctic Futures in a Global Context project ‘Arctic Games’ in the well-respected open access journal Polar Research. In the article they illustrate the benefits of game theoretic analysis for assisting decision-makers in resolving conflicts and other challenges in … Read more

Livestream of “Arctic futures, sustainabilities and strategic environmental research” at ICASS 2014

22 May, 2014

Mistra Arctic Futures and Mistra Arctic Sustainabilities are co-presenting a plenary panel at the International Congress of Arctic Social Scientists VIII. The purpose of this panel is to present insights from some of the projects in the initial Arctic Futures program, as well as goals for the subsequent initiative, in order to provoke discussion of … Read more