30 million SEK towards new programme on a sustainable Arctic

January 2nd, 2014 | Posted by Lize-Marié van der Watt in News | Okategoriserade

Mistra reached a decision to invest 30 million crowns over four years towards a new Arctic research programmme, Mistra Arctic Sustainable Development. The research will focus on providing a nuanced picture of local and subnational governance challenges in the European Arctic mainland. The aim is to increase the capacity of local and regional decision makers to make informed decisions related to sustainable development.

Drawing on the social sciences and humanities, the programme will study the challenges facing the European Arctic. The aim is to sketch pathways for sustainable development in this sensitive region with its diverse stakeholders and opportunities. The programme, New Governance for Sustainable Development, will be led by Umeå University.

Kick-off on 1 April 2014

The new programme follows on the Mistra Arctic Futures in a Global Context, which commenced in 2011 and was recently extended to March 2014. Mistra Arctic Sustainable Development will be launched following the final event for Mistra Arctic Futures, early March 2014.

The call for proposals for the programme Mistra Arctic Sustainable Development opened in December 2012. The applications were reviewed by an international panel including Kim Holmén (International Director: Norwegian Polar Institute), Anna Kerttula de Ecvhave (National Science Foundation), Igor Krupnik (Smithsonian Institutions) and Lars Anders Baer (Sami  Parliament) and the winning application was thoroughly revised before the Mistra board reached a final decision.

To read the full press release (in Swedish) see ARCUM.

Questions can be put to:

Peter Sköld, director of ARCUM at Umeå University
E-mail: Peter.Skold@umu.se

Carina Keskitalo, professor in political science at the Institution for Geography and Economic History
E-mail: Carina.Keskitalo@geography.umu.se

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