Instrument to map Sami tourism

October 16th, 2012 | Posted by Lize-Marié van der Watt in News

Photo: Dieter Müller

An instrument for a telephone survey among Sami tourism entrepreneurs in Sweden in order to map constraints for Sami tourism development in northern Sweden has been developed.

The survey instrument has been discussed with Visit Sapmi, the destination organization representing Sami tourism entrepreneurs.

Data on constraints for Sami tourism development will be collected from all Sami tourism entrepreneurs using a telephone survey. The study of Sami tourism research aims at identifying constraints for Sami tourism development.

The results are expected to reveal to what extent climate change, land-use competition, cultural traditions, or business reasons are reasons for a future tourism development.

The study – from the research project From Resource Hinterland to Global Pleasure Periphery? Assessing the Role of Tourism for Sustainable Development in Arctic Communities – hopefully also contributes to an intensified cooperation with the Sami community.

Suzanne de la Barre, PhD, postdoctoral research associate and lecturer in Human Geography at Umeå University, organizes sessions on Arctic resource conflicts during the 21st Nordic Symposium of Hospitality and Tourism to be held in Umeå 8-11 November 2012.

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