New issues in Polar Tourism

January 25th, 2013 | Posted by Lize-Marié van der Watt in Publication

Dieter Müller and Linda Lundmark from the project From Resource Hinterland to Global Pleasure Periphery? are among the editors of a new publication from Springer, New Issues in Polar Tourism. The book focuses on land-based tourism in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, combines theoretical contributions with new empirical data from hitherto seldom-covered sources and destinations and spans disciplines to discuss conservation, tourism, indigenous populations, resource extracting activities, science and international cooperation. The book origins from the International Polar Tourism Research Network (IPTRN), and documents the outcomes of its 2010 conference, held at Sweden’s Abisko Scientific Research Station.

Book New Issues in Polar Tourism

The book discusses for instance:

  • Reasons for the rise in tourism traffic to the polar regions (including “last chance” tourism inspired by increased media coverage of climate change),
  • Easier access to remote areas due to the shortening ice-season,
  • The pursuit of tourism by destination areas seeking economic and employment opportunities,
  • Environmental politics and impacts of tourism,
  • Conceptual ideas of polar wilderness,
  • Practical political action,
  • Indigenous peoples, communities and tourism in polar areas,
  • How businesses operate in polar environment with respect to climate change,
  • How the tourism industry can both advance and threaten efforts to sustain delicate environments and communities.
  • A speculation on the nature of winter tourism in Sweden in the year 2040.


A concluding chapter draws together the findings of the book, which can be ordered here.

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