New folder: The Art of Shaping an Arctic Future

April 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Lize-Marié van der Watt in News | Publication

The Art of Shaping an Arctic Future

Humanity faces massive change. Within a few generations, the earth’s climate will have grown significantly warmer, and the economic, political and military maps may be radically redrawn. The consequences are expected to be transformative, especially in one of the world’s most sensitive regions – the Arctic. For just over two years, five teams working under the aegis of the cross-disciplinary Mistra Arctic Futures in a Global Context research initiative have wrestled with this central question: How do you create a sustainable future in a part of the world which, while usually perceived as an empty, icy vastness, is home to millions of people, vast resources and mighty natural forces that may affect the future of all humanity?

This folder highlights the goal and expertise of the programme, and also visualizes the connections between the projects. It is a slightly shortened offprint from a group interview in the 2012 annual report by science journalist Kristoffer Gunnartz.

Download the folder here

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