The Calotte Academy in Kiruna

May 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Lize-Marié van der Watt in News

Wednesday 22 May the Calotte Academy 2013 arrives in Kiruna for two days of discussions on Arctic resource geopolitics and energy security, including linking current debates to historic discourses and activities.

The Calotte Academy is a travelling seminar that has been arranged every year since the early 1990s and provides a forum for discussion among both senior and junior scholars and regional stakeholders. Along with academic papers on voices and governance in the production of Arctic futures, the Kiruna session features presentations from LKAB as well as from Laevas Sami village.  The event is hosted by the Mistra-funded research project ‘Assessing Arctic Futures. Voices, Resources and Governance’.

“This type of event provides an opportunity to build networks and to increase the capacity to analyze and better understand what is happening in the Arctic. The informal discussions are essential as a complement to the high-level policy deliberation of last week’s Arctic Council ministerial meeting in Kiruna,” says Annika E. Nilsson, senior research fellow at Stockholm Environment Institute.

Read more about the Calotte Academy here

More about ‘Assessing Arctic Futures. Voices, resources and governance’

Contact: Annika E. Nilsson, Stockholm Environment Institute,; +46-73-7078541

Twitter:  #CalotteAcademy

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