New SEI working paper: Russian Interests in Oil and Gas Resources in the Barents Sea

28 August, 2013

There has been much recent hype about Russian offshore oil and gas resources in the Arctic. But how will Russia go about exploiting them?  As part of the Assessing Arctic Futures: Voices, Resources and Governance project, Annika Nilsson, senior research fellow at the Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) and Nadezhda Filimonova, an SEI intern, recently produced … Read more

First PhD in programme: Sjöberg with Essays on Environmental Regulation, Management and Conflict

25 August, 2013

Eric Sjöberg, one of the Mistra Arctic Futures:Arctic Games project participants, will defend his thesis towards a degree of Doctor in Philosphy in Economics at Stockholm University on 17 October 2013. He will be the first PhD student from the Mistra Arctic Futures programme to graduate. Sjöberg’s  thesis consists of three different papers that can … Read more

SIPRI expert comment: ‘A more inclusive Arctic Council faces new challenges.’

31 May, 2013

The Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) released an expert comment after six non-Arctic states were granted permanent observer status at the recent ministerial meeting of the Arctic Council in Kiruna, Sweden. The authors  part of the MISTRA Arctic Futures project based at SIPRI: “The Arctic Council’s ministerial meeting in Kiruna, Sweden, this week highlighted the … Read more