Consuming Stories: Placing Food in the Arctic Tourism Experience, in Journal of Heritage Tourism 8

9 April, 2013

Suzanne de la Barre and Patrick Brouder from the Mistra Arctic Futures project From Resource Hinterland to Global Pleasure Periphery? has a new article out about the Arctic as a food tourism destination. The Circumpolar North holds an increasing allure for travellers, combining romantic perceptions of ‘wilderness’ with a nostalgia for a frontier land far … Read more

White paper on Arctic stakeholders

2 April, 2013

The five projects of the Mistra Arctic Futures in a Global Context programme has submitted a joint white paper, entitled Stakeholder integration: a response to a suggested focus on Arctic residents and monitoring to the forthcoming Arctic Observing Summit 30 April-2 May in Vancouver, Canada. This paper outlines the diversity of stakeholders that may hold an … Read more

Mistra Arctic Futures year report 2012

19 March, 2013

The Mistra Arctic Futures programme’s year report for 2012 is now available, online or in print. In it you’ll find: – introduction by Chairman of the Board and Programme Director, – an initiated and accessible text about the programme and the projects by awarded science journalist Kristoffer Gunnartz, – short reports about the project’s insights … Read more