Conference Report, 3rd IPTRN-conference, Nain (Canada), April 2012

25 May, 2012

Five researchers from the MISTRA Arctic Futures project “From Resource Hinterland to Global Pleasure Periphery? Assessing the Role of Tourism for Sustainable Development in Arctic Communities” participated in the 3rd Conference of the International Polar Tourism Research Network (IPTRN) in Nain, Nunatsiavut, Canada, 16–21 April 2012. Read and download their report here.

Report from Arctic Games: The value of ecosystem services at risk from oil spills

24 May, 2012

“The value of ecosystem services at risk from oil spills in the Barents Sea” is a new report from the research project Arctic Games. The Arctic region supports a variety of globally valuable ecosystem services including climate regulation, provision of food, and aesthetic values that contribute to tourism and recreation. Although many ecosystem services are … Read more

Report from Arctic Games: “Lofoten tourism futures; actors and strategies”

23 May, 2012

The future development of the Arctic can take many different paths: development by state-dominated sectors (e.g., military infrastructure, research stations etc); mega-conglomerates (e.g., mining towns or petroleum hubs); or organic clusters (e.g., small enterprises anchored in local communities). This study suggests that Lofoten’s current development strategy for tourism follows the latter approach, where many small … Read more